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A macular hole is a defect or opening in your macula. The macula is the central portion of your retina responsible for seeing fine details. At Advanced Retina, located in Delafield and Greenfield, Wisconsin, Dr. Vogel cares for patients with a macular hole to preserve their vision. Call today for an appointment, or use this website to reach out and learn more. 

Macular Hole Q & A

What is a macular hole?

A macular hole is a defect in the macular area of your retina. The macula is responsible for your ability to see fine details, such as words on a page and facial features. 


The hole develops due to the abnormal separation of the vitreous gel from the retinal surface as you age. As the hole forms and grows, you’ll notice distortions in your vision, like blurriness or waviness in your central line of sight. 


As the hole grows larger, you may develop a dark or blind spot in your central vision. Your peripheral, or side vision remains intact.

Why did I develop a macular hole?

Age is the most common reason people develop a macular hole. The fluid-filled portion of the eye – the vitreous – starts to shrink and pull away from your retina as you get older. Sometimes, the vitreous sticks to your retina, stretching it out and causing a hole to form. 


A macular hole may also form when your macula swells due to an eye disease or because of an eye injury. 


It’s not understood why, but women tend to develop macular holes more often than men. 


Usually, just one eye is affected, but in 10-20% of cases, both eyes can develop a hole. 

How is a macular hole treated?

Your physician performs a vitrectomy, a type of surgery, to treat your macular hole. They remove the vitreous and membranes that are pulling on the macula and then place a gas bubble inside your eye. 


This bubble seals the hole and holds it in place while your eye heals. The bubble naturally dissolves on its own. 

Will I regain vision after treatment for a macular hole?

Your vision tends to improve after surgery as the macular hole closes and heals. This may take several months. 


The amount of vision that’s restored as a result of surgery often depends on the size of your hole and how long it was there before you had surgery. 


If you need treatment for a macular hole, call Advanced Surgery today. You can also request more information through the link on this website.